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The Best in the Business

Our successful Movie Production Company wouldn’t be the same without our fantastic team members, who will work tirelessly to help you execute your project and deliver the results you’re hoping for. Read their stories below and contact us today.

Jörg Rochlitzer

Jörg Rochlitzer

CEO and Founder of Film Farm Iowa

After many years working throughout the industry, Jörg was thrilled to establish Film Farm Iowa. He brings a strong background and exceptional skill set to their role.


Bernd Wittneben

Producer and Founding Member of Film Farm Iowa

Since joining the team, Bernd Wittneben has brought a fresh perspective and approach to his position as our Producer.
Film Farm Iowa simply wouldn’t be the same without him.


Burdette E. Walters

Head of Business Development

Burdette E. Walters has been part of Film Farm Iowa since the very beginning. As our Head of Business Development, he plays a key role in making sure everything runs seamlessly from beginning to end.

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