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Film Farm Iowa - Projects

Lasting Partnerships - Lasting Success

Regardless of Project size or Genre, Film Farm Iowa has proven success working with each client to visualize the story and create compelling visual content. Take a look at our featured projects below.

Reveille Teaser Trailer

In cooperation with Footsteps Researchers LLC, Film Farm Iowa created/produced the Teaser Trailer
for Michael Akkermann's


After producing the Teaser Trailer for Michael Akkermann's Reveille,
in cooperation with Footstep Research LLC, lead by Mira Miller PHD, Mike's Militaria LLC lead by Mike Burch,
Film Farm Iowa lead by CEO Jörg Rochlitzer finished production for the full feature movie.
Budgeting, Funding, Auditions, Cast, Locations, Housing for Actors and Crew, Assembling the Crew (Camera, Sound, Light, Transport,
On Set Support, Catering, Equipment, Weapons and Uniforms, Prosthetic and Cosmetic, Historical Research, Language Coaching.
We shut the feature movie "Reveille: from March 01 to March 10.2022
The footage is now in post production, editing, sound effects, CGI

and the movie is expected to hit the festivals at the beginning of 2023.

Pictures taken by
Mira Miller PHD, Footstep Research LLC
Jörg Rochlitzer CEO. Film Farm Iowa LLC
during the shoot of the teaser trailer for Reveille.

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